Hiring the Best Attorney Out of a Pool of 1,000

By | April 28, 2018

Suffering an injury due to a motor vehicle accident or being hurt on the job can be difficult enough. You’ve made the decision to preserve your rights and hire a personal injury attorney but which one do you choose? We’ve all seen the ads on television or even while surfing the web, but the truth is there are perhaps tens of thousands of attorneys to choose from nationwide, all licensed and qualified to handle your case. Which makes your job of choosing one all the more difficult.

When choosing the right attorney there are many things to consider, some in general and others specific to your personal needs. Most attorneys will provide a free consultation. This consultation is done differently depending on the firm.

Some attorney’s will sit down with you directly and in person to discuss the specific details of your case and likely ask you relevant question in order to gain necessary information regarding your accident and insurance claim.

If this one-on-one sit down with an attorney is important to you, perhaps because you prefer seeing someone when speaking to them, then this perhaps implies that you should ensure that your search for a personal injury attorney is kept local, of which there are many benefits.

Others will have a member, likely a paralegal provide you with an over-the-phone consultation as part of their standard intake process. This may also include a voice conversation with the attorney assigned to your case within the firm. Would you be more comfortable sitting down face-to-face during your consultation or are you comfortable discussing your case with a qualified paralegal and participating in the intake process directly over the phone? The answer to this question is one to consider.

Sometimes larger firms will use a more automated intake process, if you will, while smaller firms will likely see you face-to-face during your initial consult and intake, to be scheduled at their office. You can schedule this consultation with the attorney or firm in consideration over the phone.

Another thing to consider is cost. Does the attorney you are considering want a specified amount if your case is lost? Most attorneys who actively represent clients in injury cases do not wish to burden the client with attorney fees if their case is lost. This is one reason selecting an attorney who actively represents clients in injury cases is a proactive decision. Even if you don’t win your case, you should not have to pay for the work done on your behalf. This is particularly helpful if you have already suffered a significant financial loss due to your injury and can’t afford to hire attorney at all.

If you, like most, have suffered an injury and need assistance with paying bills or other financial obligations, there are attorneys and firms that will assist you in obtaining funds to sustain you while your case is being resolved. Attorneys often use reputable third-party lenders such as oasisfinancial.com  or glofin.com to get their clients the financial help they need.

This process isn’t very different than the process one goes through when obtaining an ordinary financial loan. There is a set fee based on the amount you request/are approved for instead of actual interest. The amount you borrow will depend on what the attorney’s office and financial firm approve you for based on the status of your case. This amount including fees is later deducted from the sum of you settlement but some of these lenders may even let you “borrow” the money without having to pay it back if your case doesn’t win.

You may want to consider asking the firm or firms you speak to about their options for financial lending during the resolution of your case and if the third party lender they use requires payback of funds in the event your case is lost.

There are percentages of your settlement that your attorney is entitled to for effectively resolving your case. This number can vary but 33% of the sum of your settlement is standard. The attorney will go over all fees before being hired but it doesn’t to hurt ask ahead of time, like before sitting down with them in person or over the phone.

Attorneys also help ensure their clients get the medical care they deserve while under their representation. This is great new for those injured without medical insurance who could maybe not receive the medical care they need to get well. Some attorneys actively representing injury cases have even gone on to obtain medical doctor degrees themselves and are incredibly effective at not only representing the client, but caring for their best interest as well. This small but accomplished group of attorneys will likely go above and beyond to see that their clients not only get the settlement they deserve but the care as well and can even offer care themselves, increasing the level of trust and confidence within the client/attorney relationship.

After doing your research and coming to a decision, hiring an attorney to represent you in an injury case is always the right choice. When making your selection, be sure to select an attorney you trust and it might not be a bad idea to go with an attorney or firm that actively handles injury cases as a part of their regular and/or daily services.


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