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By | November 15, 2016

I heard you are looking to save some money and hire a pre-paid lawyer.  Well, here is some information that you may need before you do this.

Pre-paid legal plans are promoted under the pledge of inexpensive legal coverage.  This is an attractive option to the high charges charged by regular attorneys and law practices. But under the gloss of available legal services for the community, lie a variety of constraints.

What are the differences?

There is a limit on the scope of the legal services supplied. Most of what is supplied on an unlimited-basis is phone based: calls to your attorney for advice and consultation on legal matters.  Phone calls made on your behalf to 3rd parties. Other advantages bundled in the plan are limited: routine visits to your lawyer’s workplace is restricted to a dozen or so hours per four week period.  Here is an example:   the wills you desire prepared or sample contracts reviewed will be brought out on two or 3 copies per year.

Second is the restriction on your choice of attorney and the quality of legal work provided. Although you are free to pick your own attorney, the client-lawyer relationship and the structure of rapport are more complicated to come by in this scheme.
Pre-paid legal strategies are laden with the “rookie” syndrome.  The providers usually resort to utilizing newly-licensed or student attorneys in a cost-cutting exercise. Somebody who does mostly wills, sample contracts and trusts is probably not an excellent fit with regard to a more intricate legal issue like the custody of children. In this particular day of age of increasing specialization, it is better to ask somebody with specialized understanding and years of experience than it is to be dependent on a newbie with a minimal professional track-record.

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